“Half the fun of having a dream is making it come true.” -Me

My Philosophy

“The best creative environments have a lot of shapes and colors but no boxes to think outside of.”  -Me

As a creative person, I am often told to, “Think outside the box!” The more I create, the more projects I work on, and the more people I collaborate with, the more I begin to wonder, when did we start putting creativity in a box? I want to live in a world full of shapes and colors and ideas but no boxes. Instead of putting my creativity into a box and then using all of my energy thinking outside of it, I’d rather focus my efforts on a target, on a goal, and on a dream.

Professional History

Education and experience have prepared me to take on the world


background and beginnings

Creativity has shaped every stage of my professional growth


In 2012, I started a clothing line completely from scratch called, Over the Road Apparel. This was my passion for four wonderful years. OTR Apparel is a workwear clothing line just for truck drivers and it was the perfect place for me to hone my creative abilities and focus them whole heartedly into a project that I believed in.


Helping people and companies reach their goals and intended audiences using creative approaches and tactical strategy is the goal of Jewel Jones Creative Agency. If you tell me where you want your dream to go, I’ll show you how we can get there, together-whether you need a few tweaks or a major overhaul.

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During my time at Over the Road Apparel, I learned so much about business operations, marketing strategy, and design. No matter what capacity I was focusing on at any given moment, my creativity fueled every aspect of my growth. Now it is my turn to share what I have learned with others who have big dreams of their own.


reaching your #GOALS

“Aim high, go higher!”

Reach your audience, reach goals

Jewel Jones Creative Agency is a business, marketing and design firm focused on taking companies, dreams, and ideas and helping them grow into successful ventures. Using unique and creative approaches, I’ll help you organize a plan for success with attainable goals, and ensure you have all the tools necessary to take flight. I’ll work with you to execute your plan effectively, and I will stay with you as you meet goal after goal.




what I do best

Finding unique and creative ways to meet your needs


Your dream is my goal

Once you put me on a target, I #cantstopwontstop



Sales Tax Regulations

Trademark Registration

Copy Write Consultations

Business Plans

3rd Party Selling

and more!



Email Campaigning


Social Media

Marketing Plans

Digital Content

and more!



Web Design

Marketing Materials


Media Kits


and more!


Everything you need to see growth and success


It’s about what I can do for you.

Unique and creative solutions to meet your needs. Below are some of my featured specialties!

“Your brand’s image is as important as your company’s goals.”

Developing brand standards including language, aesthetics, and imagery. Ensuring all branding is consistent and accurately represents company and goals. Maintaining brand standards and practices throughout all projects and across all platforms.

“Distribution to the right people, at the right time amplifies messages and R.O.I.”

Creating and executing marketing plans across multiple platforms and consisting of multiple mediums. Influencer utilization along with network and affiliate marketing. Email campaigning and loyalty programs. Expert research and analytics. 

“No customer is beyond your reach if you find them where they already are.”

Writing copy for social posts, advertising, blogs, websites, marketing and sales materials. Ensuring content is relevant, authentic, and in line with desired goals and brand image. Diversifying content subject matter and mediums.

“Creative, targeted content + tactical, quality engagement = executed goals and ROI.”

Understanding audience segments and growing followers through original posts, images, video, and shared content. Engaging new and existing followers through rapid response. Applying all analytics to future campaigns and strategies.

“The best creative environments have a lot of shapes and colors but no boxes to think outside of.”

Creating and editing videos, social posts, catalogs, general marketing materials, PowerPoints, email campaigns, newsletters, websites, media kits and company magazines. All design components strictly adhere to all established brand standards.

“The quality of your industry contacts and relationships is greater than or equal to the quantity.”

Forming diverse networks of industry related PR contacts, building relationships with relevant influencers and then reaching their audiences and followers. Ensuring that audiences are consistently updated on relevant activities.

My services

Making your dream come true one project at a time



No project is too big or too small. Below are my three main areas of focus.

My Marketing Services

Everything you need to reach your audience and make a lasting impact.

My Business Services

Everyone’s business has unique needs and I’ll take care of all yours.

My Design Services

Your vision is my vision. I’ll ensure all projects stand out in a big way.


Good looking and smart.


A great website is a crucial business tool that sets you apart from your competitors and is the key to growth. Design, layout, CONTENT and more, I can help you build the best website for your company!


Logos are a vital visual element to branding. A great logo allows your business to stand out. I can help you design the perfect logo, whether you are a new company or existing business. 


Business cards, brochures, newsletters, email lists, loyalty programs, media kits, magazines, catalogs and more! Your brand and messages deserve to be consistently showcased creatively.


I’m talking reach and engagement.


Content, slide size, design, navigation, video and more, I can ensure your presentation gets your message across perfectly and looks great while doing it. I only have one rule: your message matters.


I can guide you through Social Media Marketing basics – whether you need a social media strategy or you simply don’t know what to post, tweet, or update. From post scheduling to content, and more!


Using footage I shoot, your existing footage, or footage procured from stock video platforms, I can produce unique and dynamic live action or slide show videos. I can help you bring your idea to life!


Seriously informed decisions.


Not sure where to start with your business and/or marketing plan? I can get you started and take you as far as you need to go. Let’s make a business or marketing plan!


I offer training and consulting! Not sure where to start with your business? Learn how to master the platforms your business needs: eCommerce to Social Media, and more! 


From shopping cart software to 3rd party selling, I’ve test driven just about every platform for selling online. I’ll help you decide which is the best for your business.

Ask about my c.d.l. discount!

10% off all services for drivers and their families!



Here’s what people are saying about Jewel Jones Creative Agency


Collaboration is key

Teamwork makes the dreamwork and I can’t wait to work with you!

Jewel is a consummate professional

Jewel is a consummate professional. She has worked with us through the creative process which is, for me at least, in a constant state of flux and change with a level of patience and empathy one typically would see in a first responder. That said, her sense of business acumen is without a doubt, her longest suit. She is a valued consultant and ally to Long Haul Paul Music.
“Long Haul Paul” Morehofer
Singer/Songwriter/Truck Driver

…she got the job done on time and under budget.

I had the pleasure of working with Jewel Jones leading up to the 2016 Great American Trucking Show in Dallas Texas. Jewel worked with me on my marketing materials that I gave away at the show. She used her connections in the apparel industry to land me a reasonable price for hats and custom embroidery. The design I had sent to her wouldn’t fit properly on the hats so without hesitation she was able to make the corrections, send me the proofs for my approval and she got the job done on time and under budget. Jewel also designed shirts that were given away at the same show for the “MATS2GATS” Fitness Challenge.
For anyone needing creative assistance for marketing materials whether it be screen printing, embroidery, logo design or materials acquisition, Jewel Jones is my first call. You won’t be disappointed!
James “Tex” Crowley
Texomatic Pictures LLC | College Station, TX

Jewel is unbelievably courteous and professional and is a great collaborator.

Creating original online content is an ongoing struggle for any company. Jewel Jones is great at cultivating ideas and vision into actual content that is consumable and easy to engage with. She infuses her creativity into everything she works on. Jewel has worked with 365Trucking.com on a number of projects, she was a blogger on our website and has contributed to several promotions and other projects. Jewel is unbelievably courteous and professional and is a great collaborator.
Jewel produced a PowerPoint presentation to showcase our truck stock images. The presentation was used as a selling tool when we would approach potential customers about purchasing stock photos and packages. I had a lot that I wanted to say in the presentation and Jewel probably took down at least 3 pages of notes on my ideas. She was able to take all of that information and condense it into a concise presentation that conveyed all of the messages I’d requested and also showcased my images in creative and unique ways. I would have to say that it may have been the most substantial upgrade to 365Trucking.com and TruckStockImages.com in years.
Jewel has an outgoing personality that is great for PR, and marketing, and making connections. Every time Jewel and I talk we come up with plans for new and future ideas and projects. No idea is too big or small for her to get excited about and she is always accessible whenever I need to brainstorm.
When 365 Trucking was looking to start a video component for our website and social media, after working with Jewel on so many projects, we knew immediately that she would be an asset to our venture into video. Jewel took it from an idea, and developed it, creating a strategy and then when she implemented all of that planning into finished product, we were very satisfied with the results. We are looking forward to adding a string of video based assets to 365Trucking.com with Jewel leading the way.
She will do whatever it takes to get a project done in timely manner-when a deadline is set that’s when Jewel kicks it into high gear and produces excellent work that’s right on target. She has a keen eye for design and layout and a terrific long term artistic vision. Working with Jewel has been a pleasure and we look forward to future projects and collaborations with Jewel Jones Creative Agency for years to come.
Jim Allen
Owner/CEO | 365 Trucking

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